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Why use a motorcycle gps tracker device

 Motorcycle GPS Tracker Anti-theft device is a GPS anti-theft alarm tracker designed for electric cars and motorcycles. It comes in a variety of product forms, sub-installation types and installation-free types. It has strong concealment, high security and can work around the clock. It can warn the owner of the vehicle in time during the theft of the vehicle. After the vehicles are stolen, they can take back the stolen vehicles and arrest the criminals. They are loved by electric car and motorcycle owners.
motorcycle gps tracker

The focus of purchasing a motorcycle GPS tracker
1. Easy to install, is the operation stupid?
2. What is the cost of the alarm? Whether the product design fully considers the cost savings during use;
3. Whether there is GPS positioning + base station positioning at the same time, there is no blind spot in the whole journey;
4. Built-in battery, no external power supply, can work independently;
5. Whether it has real-time tracking and continuous tracking function;
6. SMS and online search function;
7. Is there an electronic fence function?
8. External power supply, can alarm;
9. Rainproof, can you work all day? This is very important because the environment in which electric vehicles and motorcycles are used is complicated.
10. What is the platform service fee and how is it charged?
11. Is it possible to resist GPS jammers and shields?
Motorcycle GPS tracker works:
The product consists of GPS module + GSM communication module or GPS module + CDMA (GPS) communication module
1. Built-in dedicated motion sensor chip, the system can detect and alarm from static to dynamic in any situation.
2. Built-in motion displacement special algorithm, any illegal movement (more than 100M) can be detected and alarmed.
3. Built-in high-quality GPRS or CDMA communication module and GPS chip, can send positioning geographic information to the user's mobile phone or upload data to the designated tracking website.
4. GPS positioning: The positioning information includes speed information, and the outdoor positioning accuracy is 5-15 meters.
5. GPS and base station positioning: Location information without speed information. The positioning accuracy depends on the density of the base station, and the indoor positioning accuracy is within 1 km.
How the motorcycle gps tracker works
1. Triple positioning: GPS positioning + GPS positioning + base station positioning:
2.Vibration is an alarm and motion is tracking:
The system changes from static to dynamic (moving or vibrating), ie alarm tracking.
3. Get instant dynamic positioning information diversification:
A. SMS to reply to the location information of the current Chinese vehicle
B. Log in to the tracking website, you can query the track, and you can download the motion track text data.
4. Low pressure alarm:
When the built-in battery voltage is low, the system will automatically prompt the user to charge in time.
5. Electronic fence:
Anti-theft motorcycle GPS tracker enters or moves the set area, alarm tracking.
When a thief conducts vehicle theft, the motorcycle GPS tracker anti-theft tracker immediately warns the owner. After the vehicle is stolen, it can track its movement track in real time, recover the vehicle, and assist the public security organs to arrest criminals. There are no blind spots throughout the journey. When the number of search satellites is less than 3, the system will automatically switch to GPS positioning. If no satellite is found, it will switch to base station location, where there is a mobile phone signal.