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Product name : gps child tracking, gps locator for kids ,gps tracking child
Category :  Personal GPS Tracker
Product No. : PM04
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Product Description

          GPS tracker PM04 is one of the independently researched and developed GPS products from YUEBIZ Technology Co., Ltd., which adopted imported high gain GPS module, global commonly used GSM receiving antenna, with the lowest power consumption design, so it’s a most suitable and easily used GPS tracker for multiple purposes such as person, vehicle, pet, asset and so on.

Model PM04
Brand YUEBIZ Technology
GSM frequency Global commonly used 4 frequencies
GPS accuracy 5 meters
GPS signal L1,1575.42MHz C/A code
GPS channels 22 channels
GPS chip reception

Tracking sensitivity: -165 dBm

Capture sensitivity: -148 dBm

Network bands GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
Network GSM/GPRS(class 12)
Net weight 25 grams
Working temperature -20~+70 ℃
Working humidity 5-95% non-condensing
Average working current ≈55 mA
Minimum stand-by current <0.5 mA
Average stand-by current <2.5 mA
Certificate Available CCC and CE
Phone APP operating system Android 2.3, iOS 5.0 and newer


Diameter: 40 mm
Thickness: 12 mm


Product Composition
GPS chip MTK MT2503
GSM antenna Quadband PIFA antenna
Button Power and SOS
Battery 400 mAh(rechargeable)
Sensor Gravity sensor
SIM card slot 1 unit
Light LED indicator light
Other Speaker and microphone


Realtime Time LED Light Display Realtime time can be displayed by flashing LED lights via pressing button.
Positioning Mode GPS+BEIDOU+WIFI+LBS
Power Management Ultra-low power consumption mode and smart stay
Geofence Geofence can be set and alarm messages will be sent once PM04 got out or in the geofence.
Historical Route Replaying Historical moving route of the latest 3 months of the watch can be replayed. 
2 Way Communication PM04 can be used for calling monitor phone and receiving call from the monitor phone.
Listen-in PM04 can be used as a voice monitor for user to listen voices and sounds around itself.
Whitelist Phone numbers can be authorized to call PM04.



-It’s ultra-long time standby.

-It’s cheaper than same type product for at least 30%.

-It’s easy to carry, place and hang because of its mini type.

-It’s with quad positioning mode design so the accuracy is high.

-It supports replay historical route on the web platform and phone APP.

-It supports check situation, position and residual energy by Android and iOS phone APP and computer webpage platform.

-Its setting can be changed by SMS.


Usage Range

-Person: The children, elderly, disabled, psychotic, baby(baby carriage) etc.

-Pet and domestic animal etc.

-Vehicle: car, truck, motorbike and electric motorcycle etc.

-Item: Bag, key, safe case andluggage etc.

-Circumstance: Check family car history move route, track vehicle which was lent or stolen, monitor government vehicle which is privately using.

-Industry: Fleet management, car rental and transportation etc.

child tracking

PM04  Pocket watch gps tracker  mini gps tracker

Positioning: GPS + BD + WiFi + LBS + AGPS auxiliary positioning

Positioning accuracy: GPS location 5 to 50m   WiFi location 20 to 50m   LBS location 50 to 1000m

Device size: 20mm (Radius) x 12mm (Thickness)

Battery capacity: 400mAh   Standby time: 4 days

1. Time display 
2. Real-time tracking
3. Historical route
4. Geo-fence
5. Voice monitoring
6. Do not disturb mode    
7. Find locator
8. Other functions setting



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