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Why your existing fleet management system is no longer good

 All of us who are very experienced in the logistics and transportation industries are witnessing the tremendous adaptation of technology over the past 20 years. GPS debuted about 15 years ago and continues to make small upgrades over the years, then we see ELD coming soon, MacroPoint and many other fleet management solutions are coming, they all claim to be the best and provide for your business Amazing added value.

The truth is that in the past 20 years, the market has become highly saturated, and it is not easy to decide which fleet management software to buy/use, because all of these are claimed to be the best and emphasize the advantages while hiding the shortcomings.

Exploring the market and deciding which fleet to use to manage the software is a process that can take months and many hours of work into cost means only tens of thousands of dollars in the exploration phase. Often choose, we see that the decision is not good. Instead of choosing the perfect software for your business, choose the worst software. Therefore, I want to explore this topic and share what you can do to avoid these mistakes.

Prepackaged solutions from some of the largest suppliers on the market offer off-the-shelf solutions that are expected to meet your needs. If you have a dry truck or a refrigerated freight company, how can GPS and fleet management solutions be the same? What if you are engaged in service and city distribution business? For road transport companies, you don't have long-distance needs.

These pre-packaged solutions cover some of the basic needs of your business, but they don't unlock the true potential that your company can offer, so no matter what price you pay.

Your business is constantly evolving and your software should be. If you have been working in the company for more than 5 years, you can see that the market is changing so fast that having the software that the company organizes and supports it is becoming a problem of living rather than making extra profits.

Your customer and your user are not the same person
There is a huge difference between the two people, and it is time to start to understand this. So what is the difference between them?

Customer experience is more important than ever
This champion will benefit your company and you will soon become your preferred partner. Not because they like you, they only perform better, faster, and cheaper according to their needs, and you will become a company that achieves this goal and provides added value. Listen to users, talk to them and give them the information they need. If you can solve their problems, they will love you forever.

It can be very helpful to make a complete loop and start thinking from the user's perspective. Think about it and ask yourself if your users are currently interacting with your company and you are helping them. Transforming your software into a relationship-building system can be a great help for future company development.

Easy to use without training is a must
Since we are all experiencing rapid changes in today's business, we understand that software should also be the one who follows the changes - ease of use is becoming more and more important.

We all remember that getting a new fleet management software for a few days means a lot of on-site training and you are charged thousands of dollars. In the past 10 years, there has been no change, only on-site training has been replaced by online training courses, which often leads to the constant need to call customer support.

It has become critical that no company or business can afford the huge amount of onboarding programs and costs associated with these programs. Users need to be able to start using the software on the first day and cannot expect to provide training. The lack of talent in the market forces companies to have solutions, programs and IT systems that anyone can use, because now highly skilled workers are finding it harder to find.