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YUEBIZ Trailer GPS – Track and Monitor Your Goods and Trailers

 YUEBIZ Trailer GPS. Do it again! YUEBIZ is pleased to announce the launch of a new and innovative cutting-edge fleet management solution, the new YUEBIZ Trailer GPS!

The company believes in its commitment to bringing changes to the trucking industry. In the future, YUEBIZ is known for its superior patents, which have revolutionized the trucking market. Similarly, YUEBIZ has developed the YUEBIZ Trailer GPS in its range of safety and security solutions.

The device allows for simultaneous tracking and monitoring of cargo and trailers, allowing for free movement. By allowing you to see where each asset is located in any given area, it will save you time and will help you analyze usage and reduce the number of trailers needed to manage any given workload.

YUEBIZ GPS is designed to send real-time updates on trailer location and continuous in-transit visibility, while also having a geographic location alert if the trailer is brought outside a specific geographic area. In fact, geofence alarms are considered to be the most advanced features that a trailer GPS tracking system may have. Triggering an alert will allow you to monitor activity in a more passive manner.

Taking into account the needs of customers, YUEBIZ continuously produces and builds their customized products and services. Their product portfolio consists of unique solutions, so YUEBIZ Trailer GPS once again demonstrates their dedication to the trucking industry.

The 2017 version of the YUEBIZ Trailer GPS highlights the elimination of manual code checks and reduced time. Simply put, YUEBIZ Trailer GPS will protect against threat damage and theft through 24/7 monitoring and daily trailer fleet reporting. This innovative GPS will alert you to suspicious behavior and unauthorized use.

YUEBIZ makes its innovative and cutting-edge solutions affordable, while installation and automatic activation are simple. YUEBIZ Trailer GPS has a battery life of 10 years.

With real-time information in the head-up display format, YUEBIZ Trailer GPS will ensure efficient day-to-day, safe and time-saving load transport.

Managing and maintaining the fleet can be a challenge, but YUEBIZ has already thought of it and created the YUEBIZ Trailer GPS. This innovative device will make it easier for you to manage and maintain your fleet's two processes.

With YUEBIZ Trailer GPS, you can use a variety of tools to analyze and check the behavior and movement of trailers, loads and drives!