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Smartest GPS Tracking on the Market-Truck GPS

        Need to improve your trucking business? Need better, smarter, faster path management? no problem. With this technology, there is a new and intelligent way to lead your company to success.

       Having said that, YUEBIZ announced that the new truck GPS will increase the profit of the trucking business. It is worth noting that it will alleviate the lives of truck drivers who respond to service hours (HOS) and lead to faster destination points.

      Recognizing the concerns of truck drivers and truck transport business owners, YUEBIZ has developed Smart Truck GPS to help the company.

Smart Truck GPS can be upgraded on every type of truck. Built-in GPS is used to create specific routes.

Depending on the type of route, Truck GPS will create instant and effective route mapping as well as route compliance.

Implemented geofencing and location awareness, GPS includes real-time tracking and notification alerts.

It protects the vehicle, the driver and the cargo with the accompanying visual indicators and interactive route replay.

In this way, the truck GPS has software that will maintain historical data of the route of travel.

The main features and advantages of truck GPS:

Only GPS can optimize fuel purchases and save $300 per truck per month

Reduce fuel costs through efficient route mapping/route compliance

Real-time tracking and alerting

Historical data of travel routes

Geofence and speed limit settings

Interactive route replay, including visual indicators of orders and other alerts

Protection of vehicles, drives, products and supplies

All in all, whenever you get lost on the highway, lose track, or you just drive on a new route, this truck GPS is your good friend.