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Smart vehicle tracking

                    Smart vehicle tracking for

. Cars

. Lorries

. Motorbikes

. Fleet management

Smart vehicle tracking

                      GPS Vehicle Tracker

This is a new technology which has the following features:

1. Check the position of your vehicle at any time using your mobile phone/Ipad/computer

2. Stop your vehicle using your phone by sending a command

3. Show the history of the vehicles movement

4. Show the speed records of the vehicle for the last three months

5. Notify you at any time one has disconnected your battery.

6. Voice monitoring i.e. be in position to hear any sound inside the vehicle (optional)

7. Real time tracking, you can track the vehicle in real time using your mobile phone

8. Over speed alarming, the tracker is in position to alarm you when one over-speeds

9. Supports ACC detecting you will be in position to know the status of your vehicle (Optional)

10. It has inbuilt battery to enable you to track once the battery has been disconnected.

11. It has built in GSM and GPS antenna making it easy to located its position in the vehicle

12. It has strong GSM signal to enable you track the vehicle within and outside the country even in the areas with low signals.