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One-year standby time Wireless&Huge Battery Capacity Magnetic GPS Tracker- YB08

Product name : One-year standby time Wireless&Huge Battery Capacity Magnetic GPS Tracker
Category :  Vehicle GPS Tracker
Product No. : YB08
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Quick Details

  • Type: gps tracker magnetic
  • Model: YB08
  • Color: Black
  • Positioning mode: GPS+LBS
  • Network: GSM/GPRS(class 12)
  • GSM band: 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
  • GPS accuracy: 5 meters
  • Battery capacity: 20,000 MAH
  • Packing: Gift box
  • Feature: Magnetic bottom
  • Brand: Yuebiz Technology

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details 12.5*8*7 CM packing box.
Delivery Time Depends on QTY.
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GPS Tracker YB08
YB08 GPS Tracker
YB08 GPS tracking
Product Description

          Huge battery magnetic GPS tracker YB08 is one of the independently researched and developed GPS products from YUEBIZ Technology Co., Ltd. which adopted imported high gain GPS module and unique design, global commonly used GSM receiving antenna, with the super power-saving design, so it’s the most suitable GPS tracker without any complicated installations to hide in vehicles.  


Model YB08
Network GSM/GPRS
GSM frequency 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
GSM module

Quad band

GPS accuracy 5 meters
Working duration 365 days stand-by
Size 12.5*8*7 cm
Gross weight 0.475 kg
Phone APP operating system

Android 2.3 and newer version

IOS 5.0 and newer version


Product Composition
Polymer battery


SIM card slot 1 unit


1*user manual

1*USB charging cable


Fall off alarm Alarm will be sent to computer webpage platform and Android/iOS phone APP once it falled off from attached position.
Low power alarm Supported.
Overspeed alarm Supported.
Geofence A range can be set and alarm will be sent once the tracker got out or in.
Move history replay Move history of the latest 3 months(at least) can be replayed. 
Residual power display Residual power can be displayed on the web and APP.
GSM blind port storage
Positioning data will be saved for 3 days when there is no GPRS signal until the signal is found and the data uploded.
The interval of time of uploading positioning data adjustment Supported.
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-It’s fire/crash-proof.
-It supports replaying move history.
-It has GPS+LBS positioning mode so the accuracy is good.
-It supports alarm e.g. lower power, fall off etc.
-It can be tracked by computer webpage platform, Android/iOS phone APP and phone text message.
-Its rechargeable battery has huge capacity.

Usage Range

-Vehicle: Motorcycle, electrocar, car etc.
-Industry: Fleet management, car rental, transportation etc.
-Asset: Luggage, safe case, bag etc.
-Circumstances: Checking family car move history, tracking lent or stolen car, monitoring privately used government card etc.

YB08 Main Functions:

1, Real-time Tracking

2, Historial Route 

3, Geo-Fence Alarm

4, Removal Alarm

5, Low Power Alarm

6, Vibration Alarm

7, Voice Monitoring

YB08 Specification:

1, Network:Class12,TCP/IP

2, Band:850/900/1800/1900 mHz

3, GSM Chip:MT6261+RDA6625E 

4, GPS Chip:IBLOX G7020

5, GPS Accuracy:5-10 meters

6, Battery Capacity:20000mah

7, Stand-by Time:365 days 

8, Size: 103*63*38 mm Weight: 365 grams

Real Time GPS Tracking 

Asset’s position, speed, direction and route can be monitored in ‘real-time’ and displayed on a user-friendly map user interface. The user interface also display all other related data like address and Geo-fence name, and sensor status like engine status, digital input status and temperature.

History Playback

Through a sophisticated web-based user interface, user could load and replay vehicle track on the past. This enables user to see and analyze the position and route taken by the vehicle.

Fleet Management

Each asset or vehicle could be grouped into fleets based on its location, function, project or other criteria. Administrator can assign each user to monitor some specified fleets so he/she could not be able to see other fleets which are not assigned to him/her.

Trip Analyzer

YueBiz Track analyze vehicle’s trip automatically based on engine start and stop location. The Trip Report include start-top location, distance, travel time and average speed of each trip.

For mixer truck, YueBiz Track can also analyze it’s trip based on loading and unloading location.

Vehicle Security

Real-time monitoring make our customer know where is their vehicle, where it goes and what it do, anytime. This certainly make the vehicle much more secure, especially from thefts threat.

As other option is to install an ignition cut off module which can be activated remotely using our system. This can be very useful when a vehicle is stolen and we want to make sure the vehicle cannot be turned on when it stop. Panic button can also be installed to enable driver alert central office when he/she get a trouble.

Driver Safety

YueBiz Track automatically record and analyze every driver performance and behaviors based on vehicle speed, harsh acceleration and harsh breaking event. This information could be helpful to monitor and to educate every drivers to make they drive more safely. when a vehicle exceeding a maximum speed,will activate the over-speed alarm .YueBiz Track can automatically send alert to supervisor via SMS or email when a vehicle is over-speeding.

         Use our Vehicle Tracking Devices and get Valuable Protection in the case of Vehicle Theft and Recovery. With the help of Vehicle Tracking , you can track bus, auto, car or any other vehicle .Live tracking in real time means being able to view your vehicle or asset with an exact location and GPS co-ordinates. Not only is this a powerful tool allowing you and your business to be more efficient but you have access to this service from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

        The system is designed as an automatic fully electronic logbook, which will record every journey a vehicle makes, where it started from, the route travelled, at what speeds, where it went to and for how long it had stopped before starting the next journey. The system includes PC software and mapping, so it is not necessary to login to a slow and tedious website, as all the calculations, routes, maps, graphs, reports, printouts etc are done right here on your own PC.



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