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      GPS Tracker Supplier-Yuebiz company offers Affordable Vehicle Tracking as well as Personal and Cargo tracking. Yuebiz is available with high precision GPS Tracking and accuracy. You can do the tracking via Android , IOS or PC Web browser viewing.Vehicle tracking platform:  APP: AI Tracker     Personal Tracking platform : APP: YUE Tracker.                                                                                                                                              
      We provide the best product at the right price to our clients.Access your Assets location at any time , Playback tracking , Playback Speed or Geo fence your assets as well as daily,weekly or monthly reporting.Safety and Security are our key drivers. Athletes , Cyclists , Runners or hikers can use the Personal tracker for emergency SOS or Family calling. Track your Tracker with ease and peace of mind.
We have just the right products for you , no matter what you drive. If you don't have a Tracker from Yuebiz you missing out on the best value for money Tracking Service . Yuebiz Tracker's offer 24hrs access to your tracking unit.
       Yuebiz provides tracking units for Cars , Trucks , Bikes , Cyclists , Runners and even for MTB. So if you ride it , drive it , push it or peddle it , run it or walk it , we have the tracking unit just for you.
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