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Q1: Can I print my logo on your products ?
A1: Yes. If the logo is lawful for your company, we will produce machines with your logo. MOQ 200 Pieces.
Q2: Payment terms?
A2: T/T, Western Union, Paypal. Please make it with your convenience.
Q3: Warranty time?
A3:1 year warranty, first 3 months replacement, long-life maintenance.
1. Sample and mini order will be delivered within 2-3 working days after the receipt of payment.
2. For order over 500pcs or customized order, lead time will be 4-6weeks after the receipt of payment. Please contact our sales to make sure the current inventory.

Q1. What is a speed limiter? 

A:  A speed limiter sometimes referrred to as speed governor is used for controlling the speed of a vehicle, or a device used to measure or regulate the speed of vehicle. 

Q2. How does the speed limtier work in a vehicle? 

 A: The device does not allow the driver to accelerate beyond the stipulated speed limit by the law as has been programmed in the vehicle. So, no matter how the driver tends to accelerate, the preset speed limit will be be exceeded. 

Q3. How many types of Speed Limiter do you manufacture? 

 A:  There are two major types of speed limtier: one is Electronic Speed Limiter, the other is Mechanical Speed Limiter. 

Q4. How would the workability and functionality of the speed limiter be checked after installation. 

 A: After installation, the installer can use remote controller to check if the speed limiter workable or not. 

Q4. In the case of emergency, how would the speed be increase beyond the limit in order to avert danger at a certain point. 

 A: The Speed Limiter will not allow a driver to go beyond the pre-set speed limit, so the driver is expected to apply defensive driving technique. 

Q4. What's functions do your speed limiter include? 

A: It's a speed limiter and recorder, much more than speed limit.