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How to Detect Hidden GPS Tracker 5 Quick Steps

 Installing hidden GPS trackers on vehicles is now getting higher and higher. This is especially true in the transportation industry. You will have the opportunity to learn more about where your vehicle is looking for hidden GPS tracking devices.
How does one detect a hidden GPS tracker? How can one notice that he/she is being tracked without any authorization?
First Steps On Detecting a Hidden GPS Tracker
Are you one of those people who is suspecting for a hidden GPS tracker on their vehicle?
Well, believe me, you are not the only one.
If it happens that you are suspecting for a hidden GPS tracker in your company car, because you have a very suspicious owner, then, in that case, you cannot do much.
But, on the other hand, if you are having doubts about a hidden GPS tracker in your car, then take a careful read of the following steps and tips.
There are few basic steps that everyone suspecting for a hidden GPS tracker should take into consideration.
You wonder which these steps are?
In general, the first steps on detecting a hidden GPS tracker are the following:
Performing an exterior vehicle inspection– you should perform this inspection with high alertness about each part of your vehicle;
Check of the invisible vehicle areas(keep in mind that if there is any hidden vehicle tracker then it might be hard to see due to being dirty);
Perform interior inspection (keep in mind that GPS vehicle trackers are small and can be hard to see);
If you perform these steps, and still you haven’t found anything, but you are pretty much suspicious about having a hidden GPS tracker on your car, then it might be the time for you to call for a professional help;
In addition, calling a professional is definitely the right step that one should do. Especially if unable to find the hidden GPS tracker that they are sure exists on their vehicle.
After all, professionals are specializing in that field and have the necessary equipment. As well as expertise.
Inspecting the Exterior of a Vehicle for a Hidden GPS Tracker
To continue with, having a hidden GPS tracker installed on your car can be due to many reasons.
Nowadays, hidden GPS trackers are often used by companies as well as by private investigators. As previously mentioned- if it is the case that you are driving a company vehicle and you are suspecting that there is a hidden GPS tracker on it- then you cannot do much about it. Except to drive as your schedule says.
Additionally, the hidden GPS trackers can be seen as a method of keeping track of particular person’s activities.
Yet, which are the most common places where the hidden GPS tracker can be placed?
Well, so far many people had the chance to experience a hidden GPS tracker on their vehicles, and the information that they shared is the following. You will be surprised by it.
The most common places are inside of a well, wheel wells, front bumper, rear bumper and so on.
Further, you can read more about the process of inspecting the exterior of a vehicle for a hidden GPS tracker.
Since the very first step in finding the hidden GPS tracker on your vehicle is performing a visual inspection, straight proportionally you should start with a visual inspection of the dead spots. And it goes like this:
Front Bumper
In general, the front bumper has many wiring as well as temperature sensors. Which makes it the ideal place for hiding a GPS tracking device.
After all finding a GPS tracker device on the front bumper is not quite simple. It requires a lot of precision and attention. Which later on makes the chances of finding a hidden GPS tracker in the front bumper very low.
Additionally, if there are any hidden GPS trackers installed in the front bumper, then it is good for you to know the real reason behind it. Ask yourself the following question “Why would someone place a hidden GPS tracker on your vehicle? What the reason is?”.
And it seems to be that the GPS tracking device should be connected to the vehicle’s power supply so that it can send right location information all the time.
So, if you eventually find a hidden GPS tracker on the front bumper I would suggest you call your mechanic. After all, the mechanic has the equipment as well as skills to check in details as well as to remove the hidden tracker without any damage.
Rear Bumper
The rear bumper, in general, can be inspected in the same manner as the front one.
Additionally, the rear bumper has as well a lot of wires. These wires are placed here in order to transmit energy to the external sensors as well as the lights.
Thereupon, it is not recommendable for you to touch the cables that are placed in this area. Especially if you have additionally installed a camera in that area.
Even if you haven’t installed a camera in the rear bumper- do not make any experiments. Just call a professional.
Moreover, if it happens that you detect a hidden tracker in this area, then I would suggest you check again and to make sure that it is, in fact, a hidden tracker.
Hence, if you make sure that it is an actual GPS tracker then keep in mind that you call a mechanic to remove it without making any problem with the cables.
Wheel wells although might seem the most unlikely place for hidden GPS trackers, remains to be one of the favorite ones for company owners as well as detectives. Wonder why? Is is because rarely we look at the wheel wells when going to and leaving the vehicle?
Thereupon, although you did not plan to perform an inspection of the wheel wells, I would suggest you perform one. Inspect if there are any of items. Such as small box or cylinder.
Yet, be alerted that there is a high possibility for the hidden GPS tracker to be placed on the wheels.
Inspecting the Interior of a Vehicle for a Hidden GPS Tracker
Since you performed the exterior inspection so far, now it is time for you to make a detailed inspection of the interior of the vehicle as well.
Do not forget that there can be a hidden GPS tracker in the interior of the vehicle as well! (Although the chances are very much low)
Additionally, you should be alarmed all the time. By that, I refer that you should keep your focus on places where the GPS can be hidden quickly. (Because who can stay for a longer period of time in your car to place one)
After all it is logical. Who can spend a lot of time in your vehicle without you detecting it? (This does not stand for company vehicles.)
Hence, there are many reasons why hidden GPS trackers are not being placed in the interior of the vehicle. Two of which are:
GPS tracking devices need to be plugged into something. Because it is the only way for the transmitter to send right information for a long period of time;
Not everyone can enter in your vehicle;
Yet, I do believe that now you will ask- what about those discrete GPS trackers that are battery powered? Are these devices sending right information?
Well, sincerely speaking, GPS trackers that are battery powered can send right information, as are the ones that require a plugin. Yet, there is amateur battery powered GPS trackers that you can find on the market that does not come with a battery warranty.
Additionally, keep in mind that GPS trackers can be hidden in between seats, in seat pockets, as well as behind sun visors.
Locating a Hidden GPS Tracker
Yet, which other means one can use in order to locate a hidden GPS tracker besides performing a detailed inspection- that for some hidden GPS tracker cannot be enough?
Well, my very first recommendation would be the electronic sweepers. Additionally, you might be familiar with the sweepers under the name of bug detectors.
So, why am I recommending you the electronic sweepers?
To start with their capability of detecting electromagnetic signals. And electromagnetically signals are used by cell phones, radio transmitters, but as well as by GPS tracking devices.
Yet, on the other hand, you should be alerted to the fact that electronic sweepers can only detect GPS trackers that are sending transmissions. So, if you have a hidden GPS tracking device in your vehicle- a passive one, then the sweeper might not seem to be the perfect solution.
Speaking of which, the passive GPS trackers are only sending transmissions when the vehicle is activated.
Nevertheless, if the electronic sweeper detects signal, you will hear it vibrating or buzzing. That way you will be sure that there is definitely a hidden GPS tracker in your vehicle.
What to Do When You Find a Hidden GPS Tracker
So, what can you do once you find out a hidden GPS tracker in your vehicle?
Well, there are two possible solutions that you can take.
As mentioned previously, there are two types of GPS tracking devices. There are one that is battery powered and other GPS tracking devices that do require to be hardwired.
So, if you find a hidden tracker, and it is in the first category, that is to say, a battery-powered GPS, then the removing process will be easy.
These devices are most commonly held on by tape or magnets. Thereupon, once you detect one, then all you should do is to pull it loose.
On the other hand, if you find a hidden tracker in your vehicle, and it is hardwired, then you should make sure that you are careful when removing it. Most commonly I would recommend you to call a mechanic.
Other Common Places Where You Can Find a Hidden GPS Tracker
In the light of discovering other places where you can find a hidden GPS tracker, I must as well mention a crucial fact.
There are a lot of common places where you can find a hidden GPS tracker, and you have never thought about it. The reasons behind it are a lot. Yet, it might be due to the reason that these commonplaces seemed too common and obvious to you.
When looking for other common places where a GPS tracker can be hidden in your vehicle you must remember that GPS trackers are not in the position to transmit data if covered with metals.
It is so because the transmitter needs to have a clear way to send and pick up signals.
Moreover, one should always remember to focus on the places where it is the easiest and fastest for someone to place a GPS tracker without being noticed. That is to say without taking too much time.
Additionally, another common place where you can find a hidden GPS tracker is the trunk of the vehicle. That is to say one can easily place a GPS tracker in your spare tire let’s say.
Suppose you suspect that the person being tracked should first detect whether it is true. A detailed inspection of the vehicle will enable people to discover if their vehicle has a hidden GPS tracker.