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Beidou map app ready to go online: accurate to 1 meter

Beidou Map App, accurate to within 1 meter, accurate to the specific lane
According to a reporter from the Shapingba District in Chongqing, the Beidou Map APP is expected to be on-line on May 1st. Its navigation function can be accurate to within 1 meter, and it can clearly locate a specific lane.
The Beidou Map APP is a basic location service tool based on Beidou satellite precision navigation service. It provides mobile users with real-time location and navigation and location-based clothing, food, accommodation, transportation and business information services.
According to relevant person in charge of Beidou Internet of Things, “Beidou map has intuitive and convenient road guidance, clear and clear voice prompts, new road signs and actual road hints for main and auxiliary roads, roundabouts, expressways, allowing users to see at a glance the situation of the route. , Under complex road conditions can also calmly deal with. "Beidou map can also be based on the actual road conditions, given intelligent route optimization recommendations to improve travel efficiency.

GPS is a tall club in the United States. It has only four members, but has attracted the attention of world leaders and the research of many top scientists. The club is GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). Four members are US GPS, European GALILEO, Russia GLONASS, China COMPASS.

There are two main uses of GPS, military and civilian.
On the military side: Almost all US aircraft, tanks, precision missiles, and ships are using GPS.
On the civil side: Without GPS, the navigation of mobile phones, WeChat, and APP will all fall into an awkward state; the country’s power grid will enter an unstable state; autonomous driving technology, civil aviation aircraft taking off and landing with high precision, and precision agriculture are dreams.
The GPS system belongs to the United States. Over-reliance on GPS will inevitably cause hidden dangers. Such as GPS interference, deception.

GPS is the United States, and Beidou is our China. In order to break the monopoly of the United States in this field, Russia and Europe have separately built GLONASS and Galileo satellite navigation systems.
China Compass is a new member, and it is also the member with the most fierce development momentum. The impact of Compass on our lives is huge!

It is reported that Beidou has two unique features:
First, the complex constellation system: The Beidou is the only satellite navigation system that uses the geostationary orbit, the earth's inclined synchronous orbit, and the middle orbit orbit. GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo only use the middle track.
The second is the short message system: Beidou's receivers can communicate with satellites and issue 140-character short messages, just like the “messages” that people usually use, which can both locate and display the publisher’s position.
In terms of military use, all US GPS can be used in the direction of Beidou. The performance of the Beidou is no less than that of the US GPS.

At the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China used the Long March III B carrier rocket (and the upper expedition No. 1) to successfully launch the 30th and 31st Beidou navigation satellites in the “one arrow and double star” method. These two satellites are China’s Beidou. No.7 No.7 and No.8 network satellites.
China's Beidou satellite navigation system has entered the intensive launch phase of global networking. So far, it has launched a total of 31 satellites and will provide services to global users by 2020.

It is expected that more mobile phones, bicycles, wearable devices and other terminals will use Beidou high-precision positioning services in the next three years to empower urban management and bring convenience to people's lives.
No one express: "U** delivery is a typical application of Internet of Things, the core technology is a location service." Beidou IOT relevant person in charge, the company has developed the world's first Internet of Things based on Compass communication technology module, Accurate location service to centimeter level.
Positioning vehicles to reach the following grades of accuracy: In the vehicles engaged in road class passenger transport, chartered vehicles, and dangerous goods transport, electronic positioning devices must be installed, the traffic management department can monitor the movement status of the vehicles, speeding curfew and other illegal driving Behavior will automatically alarm.

The BeiDou ground-based augmentation system and space-based satellites can achieve real-time positioning accuracy below the meter level, and large trucks no longer dare to occupy the overtaking lane for a long time.

BeiDou ground-based augmentation system and space-based satellites can achieve real-time positioning accuracy below the meter level. Large trucks no longer dare to occupy the overtaking lanes for a long time.
The elderly and
children lost their lives quickly: With the Beidou navigation system, the positioning watches worn by the elderly and children will be more accurate and sensitive. The positioning information is no longer “according to a certain place” and may be accurate to which floor tile to stand on. . In case the bear child is naughty and away from home, this time he knows where to look for it.

Deformation Monitoring of Huge Buildings: The Beidou equipment is fixed on dams, bridges, highways, and other giant buildings, making it easier and more accurate to measure its settlement and deformation. The equipment automatically receives positioning information, accumulates a month's massive positioning data, and performs differential calculations. Positioning data with an accuracy of less than millimeters is calculated, which is more convenient and accurate than manual measurement.

Using Beidou to conduct deformation monitoring, it can also transmit data from remote monitoring points directly to the base through the Beidou SMS function, which reduces manual automation, positioning, differential calculation, and data return.
The application of fishery is convenient for distress when they are in distress. Fishermen will be equipped with GPS and maritime satellite phones in the sea, but it is very expensive to keep a maritime satellite phone.
After the deployment of the Beidou in the Asia-Pacific region, the fishermen installed Beidou satellite shipboard terminals. After encountering a dangerous situation, the terminal will automatically send a distress message with positioning information to the rescue team on the shore via satellite to achieve GPS+Marine. Satellite phone features.

The following uses a picture to understand Beidou satellite navigation system: